Lash Extensions

Picasso lash technicians are expertly trained in the art of customized lash application, as well as the importance of safety and sanitation. Our hands and tools are sterilized between every client – no exceptions. We also practice safe application techniques. This means we protect the integrity of your natural lashes by choosing the appropriate weight and length. While you may desire a heavier look, your lashes may not be able to support the weight. We prefer to push the boundaries of beauty carefully. In addition, our team continuously researches and adds new products to our inventory! Currently, we use silk and mink lashes to ensure a soft and natural feel, and we also provide personalized Volume Lash Sets.

  • Technician (T) Has passed initial training and entry level certification
  • Senior Technician (ST) Has passed advanced training and met Senior efficiency and technical guidelines.
  • Master Technician (MT) Has met Master efficiency and technical guidelines, completed teaching certification and attended advanced esthetics courses.
Eyelash Extensions (Classic Pricing)TSTMT
New Set250275325
2 Week Fill455570
3 Week Fill708095
4 Week Fill100110125
Eyelash Extensions (Volume Pricing)TSTMT
New Set300325375
2 Week Fill708095
3 Week Fill8595110
4 Week Fill150175225
Brow & Lash Services 
Brow Wax & Lash Tint40